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Find out what could be around the corner for your space, with our stunning Corner Bi-folding doors…

Some people view corners as a hindrance to be avoided at every cost. We however look at corners a golden opportunity. Corner Bi-fold Doors offer the perfect way to enhance an unconventional layout, complement certain types of builds or simply open up even more space with a beautifully unique opening. A corner could be poorly lit, unusable, sometimes even dead space. But a Glass Openings’ corner bi-fold door will open up your home in a truly distinctive manner, facilitating an unrestricted panoramic view meanwhile utilising every inch of space and light with an added depth, drama and beauty.

Make your corner perfect…

Available in a range of configurations, colours and styles, our Corner Bi-fold Doors range from two to over twelve door sets. They open at 90° or 135° so you can create a door set to perfectly complement your home’s look and meet your unique needs.

The corner door can be supplied with a moving corner post for a truly uninterrupted extensive view into your opening even when firmly closed. Our doors can be manufactured to be internal or external, ensuring that there is a Corner Bi-fold that caters to you, your space and your needs regardless of the existing or new style or set up of your space.

Just like a conventional set of bi-folds, corner doors are available in many opening configurations. They can be made to open via our folding or sliding mechanism. Because we understand that every home is different, our bespoke doors are also available as bay sets.

For more information and a quote to suit your design and functional needs, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call 0203 355 5311.


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