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The company is not responsible for the incorrect installation or instruction of how to install the products supplied.

The Company accepts no liability in respect of the following:

  • Damage due to accident, storm, flood, neglect, misuse, faults or premature deterioration which results from the Purchaser’s failure to comply with the Company’s maintenance instructions;
  • Damage resulting from subsidence due to soil shrinkage underground or mine working;
  • Damage or deterioration in the product arising out of normal wear and tear.

The guarantee below covers all the products supplied as follows, from the date of purchase:

  1. Aluminium Powder Coating. The paint finish applied to all our aluminium painted products is a polyester powder application. The powder coat only bonds to aluminium, so any thermal PVC sections separating aluminium sections may display overspray. This is normal and not a fault of the product. This has a 10-year guarantee.
  2. UPVC coloured foil also has a 10-year guarantee.
  3. Sealed units- have a 5-year glass manufacturer’s warranty including sealed blind glass units.
  4. All hardware used on our products have a 1-year warranty.
  5. The aluminium and paint are guaranteed by the aluminium extrusion house, the bifold hardware is guaranteed by the hardware manufactures, the glass and integral blinds are guaranteed with the glass company. No guarantee is with us.
  6. All products have a standard weather rating and should not be fitted in an extremely exposed elevation or when adjacent to coastal areas. Claims against poor weather performance will not be accepted when installed outside the above guidelines.
  7. The guarantee will be invalidated for doors, if the track is not kept free of debris and not installed in line with the instructions supplied and if doors are not maintained in general.
  8. All drawings are viewed from the outside.
  9. No liability will be accepted for misinterpretation of drawings.
  10. Where lintel is fitted and on survey this is shown not to be the case, the customer will be required to have a lintel installed by another contractor or the customer may cancel the order. The customer will be liable to a two hundred- and fifty-pounds charge to cover costs incurred.
  11. All bifold doors are supplied only on the basis that they are to be located on the ground floor unless verified in writing by the company that they are suitable for your location and wind loading.
  12. Any structural calculations are the responsibility of the customer.
  13. All bifold doors should have a suitable steel or catnic lintel fitted above the head of the frame. Timber lintels can only be used at the customers risk and no defect in relation to the performance of the folding door will be accepted when a timber lintel is used.
  14. All folding doors are to have no more or less than an eight to fifteen-millimetre gap around the frame when installed. Outside these tolerances the performance of the door is not guaranteed and the warranty void. Additional packing with any other material to make up for any miss- measurement or excessive tolerances will also void the warranty.
  15. All folding doors can only be fitted into brickwork reveals and within the tolerances stated in condition twenty. Doors installed by the customer into any other aperture is at the customers own risk and not covered by the warranty.
  16. All folding doors supplied are for domestic use only.
  17. The customer is responsible for conforming to all current planning and building regulations of the relevant local authority.
  18. Any defects in relation to sealed units the company and the customer will be bound by the guidelines laid out by the Glass and Glazing Federation.
  19. All toughened low emissivity coated glass units are subject to colour variations and variation in pattern. This may appear sometimes as a misting effect. This is natural and not deemed a fault.
  20. Low threshold doors do not offer the same weather performance, to the bottom of the door only, as standard rebated thresholds. You must therefore in the design and construction of the opening for your folding door allow for the removal of rain water, immediately in front of the threshold, to avoid water ingress. We recommend eco drainage systems for this application. Claims for water ingress will not be accepted when water management drainage channels are not used. The primary purpose of low threshold doors is level access. This is achieved by removing the rebated-up stand. Air tightness to the bottom of the door is achieved by brush seals closing over the top of the low threshold which provides satisfactory draught proofing. However, if the doors are not correctly installed and aligned draughts may be experienced to the bottom of the door. Under extreme weather conditions the threshold area may be liable to draughts. This is normal and not a fault of the door. If you are concerned by water ingress or draughts, you should use the standard rebated threshold.
  21. Handle colours may vary in colour and chrome or sliver handles will always be a mix of silver and chrome lever or flat options. The company does not accept claims for variation in colour of handles supplied on any order. The company reserves the right to modify or change the design of all handles and hinges handle without notification.
  22. When ordering any product from the company the customer agrees that they or their contracted installer will install and maintain all products as per the supplied instructions and have a good understanding of either carpentry, window and door installation or in the construction industry. Products can be installed and maintained by the customer on a do it your self-basis but the company does not offer any other support including telephone support other than the provided instructions. Upon any request for support via the telephone, e-mail or written formal request customers will be referred to or sent a copy of the original supplied instructions.
  23. All claims against the warranty must be made in writing to [email protected]. To ensure claims are recorded correctly no telephone claims will be accepted. You must provide your order number and full address. All claims will be responded to within three to five working days. We do not offer an emergency response and are not responsible for any financial or consequential loss.
  24. Site inspections, to ascertain any claim against the guarantee or third-party issue in relation to products supplied will only be undertaken at the pre-paid fee of two hundred and fifty pounds for mainland England and Wales. If the claim against the warranty is valid the cost of the inspection will be fully refunded. The fee is fixed and not relevant to the distance from the company offices or time spent at site. If the company does not accept the claim a written report will be provided, and the customer agrees to forfeit the inspection fee without question. This does not affect your statuary rights. Upon inspection, the company at no time will carry out any works or labour.
  25. In the event of a claim against the warranty the customer may be requested to supply digital images to support their claim regardless if the door was supplied only or fully installed.
  26. Where goods are supplied only, all guarantees are for parts only no labour.
  27. The Guarantee is not transferable.